At kidsROCK we are creating environments that are irresistible so that it will be “the best 90 minutes in a child’s week!”

kidsROCK Culture

We believe that Kids ministry is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle of not only theROCK church but in society. We want to take serious the awesome opportunity to impact kids and families at such an impressionable time.

We are losing our future generations and we believe that we were placed here at this time in history for a specific purpose. By the providential hand of God, we were predestined to be here, now- for such a time as this.

In today’s society the church is competing for kids’ attentions… Not church against church, but the church vs. Disney, the internet, Nickelodeon, etc… And we can pretend it doesn’t exist or we can choose that our kids are so important and the message of Jesus Christ is so important that we will communicate it in such a way that our kids actually ENJOY learning.

We desire our kidsROCK experience to be the “BEST 90 minutes in a child’s week”. We run a DVD based high-energy curriculum that is anything but boring. The kids actually have FUN while GROWING in Jesus Christ.