Wednesday Nights @ 6:30

We are exited to be going through the book of Revelation, one of the hardest and yet most fascinating books of the Bible. so far we have gone through most of the letters to the 7 churches and we have been exploring the promise that God gives to “Those Who Overcome” as it says in scripture. It is amazing how small your worldly problems become when you are reminder of the bigger picture, and the amazing reward he has in store for you! join us as we go through this amazing scripture!

Thursday Nights @ 6:30

our Thursday night group is patiently making their way through the book of Proverbs, and dissecting the Wisdom that it contains. if you would like to learn more about pursuing Wisdom God’s way, Join us on the zoom app at 6:30 on Thursdays! message us on Facebook, or email us at t[email protected] to get a link to join us online!