theROCK church is a group of people formed together with one common vision… To serve people WHERE they are so they can experience life in Christ.

With that simple vision in mind Pastor Billy Riner put together a dynamic team to accomplish a vision so big that only God can achieve.  From late 2008 to early 2009 a core group of over 40 men, women, boys and girls were formed to create what is now known as theROCK church.

Pastor Matt Edwards is now leading theROCK but we are still focused on SERVING people and breaking down barriers that most people have about “church” and “Christians”.  It is certainly not a “Church as usual” type of church.  We will use whatever means necessary (i.e. technology, current music, internet, etc…) to project the gospel to the entire world. Our focus is on reaching people who are far from God and guiding them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.