Pastor Matt

Matt is a Bible believing follower of Christ, passionate and excited about serving the Lord. He was called for many years to lead worship while finishing his degree at ETSU in theatre and performing arts, and used his degree for a long time for gospel evangelism as well as opening a dinner theatre in Grey Tennessee before God called him to pastor our Church. we are excited to have him sharing his heart and sharing the Word of God, and we would love to have you join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 as we dive into the Word together!

You can follow Matt here:


Aaron – Worship Leader

Aaron has an amazing heart for the Lord and for worship, and is incredibly musically talented. he does a great job of making sure we have a variety of songs to express worship through, while always staying true to the Biblical truths of who God is.

He has a passion for computer science, learning and music, and loves to study the Word of God.

Becky – First impressions/Greeter/A whole bunch of stuff

While Becky is best known for her extremely positive attitude, and how well she shows the Joy of Christ to everyone who comes through our door, she takes care of dozens of other things including our next step table, much of our finances, paperwork, and generally keeps the place running. she is an absolutely essential and valuable part of our team and we are blessed to have her!